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The Lightoven is extremely suitable for travelling. Folded to the size of a briefcase, it can easily be carried anywhere. It does not weigh more than a full one-liter flask.


The reflector focusses the sunlight onto a slim pot absorbing the entire solar spectrum due to its black coat of varnish. The surrounding transparent heat insulation tube serves to detain hot air and thermal radiation. Moreover, the contents of the cooking vessel stay hot for a much longer time than in a conventional pot.


The reflector’s geometry has been optimized for cooking in absence of the cook: the sun’s rays concentrate at the focal point which is located far to the back of the reflector and works like a funnel. Once adjusted to the sun, the cooker thus does not require a lot of readjusting. Food will definitely not burn in the Lightoven.


The most important advantages of the Lightoven:

  • optimally suited for unsupervised cooking
  • adjustable to any given position of the sun
  • accommodates two pots at a time (up to a diameter of 22 cm and a height of 25 cm)
  • weights only 995 g (without pots)


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