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Extremely robust and with outdoor enthusiasts in mind, the Petromax Atago is an unrivalled all-in-one tool that can be used as a conventional barbecue, a stove, an oven, and a fire pit with charcoal briquettes or firewood. With its 4 basic functions, numerous preparation procedures and cooking methods are possible.

The Petromax Atago can be used in combination with a Dutch oven or a wok. Because the wok or the Dutch oven placed on top of the Atago is completely surrounded by steel, the heat yield is very high. Furthermore, the Petromax Atago comes with a grilling grate, which serves to transform it in a conventional barbecue. Without the grilling grate, the Atago serves as a fire pit or as a coffee maker in combination with the Petromax Percolator “Perkomax.”

Thanks to its unique extension-retraction mechanism, the Petromax Atago is ready for use in a blink of an eye. When folded, it has a height of only 15 cm (6 inches).


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