Tea and Coffee Percolator

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The Percolator is great for anyone who wants to prepare an aromatic tea or coffee without much effort. The unique percolator principle gives the beverage a delicious aroma.

Great for all sources of heat
The Percolator is the ideal choice when it comes to outdoor and indoor use. It can be used on a barbecue, a cooking plate, a ceramic glass cooktop, and an induction cooker. The Perkomax can prepare up to nine cups of tea or coffee. The preparation time varies depending on the heat source and the quantity of water.

A unique taste thanks to the percolator principle
When heated up, the water rises to the top of the pot through a small tube. A filter for coffee powder is placed on the top of the tube. The hot water is pushed upwards, over the coffee powder and flows down to the pot. It then mixes with the water and rises again. The more the water circulates, the stronger the tea or coffee becomes.


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