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Invented by the itinerant workers (hobos) as they traversed the great open spaces of America, the Hobo cooker principle is already over 150 years old. The hobos of yesteryear needed a simple and efficient way of cooking their food, and eventually arrived at the following method – puncturing empty cans in an ingenious way, they created an optimal, enclosed burning space which concentrated the heat of the fire. The heat yield was so high that even wet and poor fuel could be easily used. At a single stroke, their daily lives became easier.   

The utility we wish to present here is a logical development of this old, tried-and-tested system. Our high technology Hobo cooker "Magic Flame" has a far improved efficiency and durability, yet loses nothing of the original’s facility of use. Once collapsed it measures no more than 11,5 x 15 cm with an astounding 10 mm thickness, taking but little place in even most efficiently packed luggage. At 520 g, it is as light as a cooker can be. Its ideal fuel are small wood pieces of all types that may be easily found anywhere outdoors. Wood chips too small to be used in a conventional fire will be perfectly acceptable for the Hobo cooker. Under normal circumstances, this cooker is far more efficient than the trekking cookers of the comparable size.

The Magic-Flame NG presents the perfect equipment for Travel and Hike, Camping, Trekking, Expeditions, Survival, emergencies, etc. The MF bases on a old and proven physical system and is in every point of view highly optimised. He is composed from 15 parts who must be jointed, mostly by handwork, under compliance of smallest tolerances. With such a precision tool you can in almost any situation cook, have a light in the dark and warm one's feet with one and the same gear. The only thing you need is something combustible, no matter how “exotic” this material should be. Maybe you would be amazed if you would knew what some owners of a MF have put in the cooker to get there soup hot... The MF is small, efficient, thrifty, environment- friendly (CO2 neutral) and extremely unfailing. He will never maroon you. If in thousand years archaeologists accidentally dig out a MF, they can just unfold him and cook comfortably a pot of coffee.... or whatsoever they will drink in 3009. And last but not least, you will save a lot of money because you will nevermore have to buy fuels. The MF is a brainy investment for live.


Ingenious construction: Collapsible, seven segments - 11.5 x 15 x 1 cm.

Efficient: Cooking temperatures up to 800° C and more.

Economy: Minimal fuel requirements.

Environment-friendly: Optimal resource usage, no refuse, CO2-neutral.

Economic: No gas bottles, no petrol, no additional expenses.

Durability: Cr-Ni Stainless Steel.

Top quality: Swissmade, unlimited guaratntee. Every faulty MF-NG will be repaird or replaced without any discussion.

More information: www.kuenzi.com

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